Book Signings

I have been absent for a long time. Good excuses though as have been very busy with our books in marketing.

We have had so many book signings, speaking engagements and media interviews in all avenues with our books.

I have also been busy with my acting as well and been in such shows as Fargo, Once Upon a Time, Haters Back off and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor for a Comedy in Los Angles at the ISE Series Awards in Los Angles.

In saying that I am planning to blog more as would love to talk with not only the Autistic Community but also to the General Public who are still in the dark about what Autism is and who these individuals and their families are.  Want to shed the stigma box that still surrounds Autism and the individuals who have it and how their families evolve around it.

If you have any questions or want to talk, please feel free to get a hold of me on my blog.


Our next book signing is at the Coles Book Store in the Bentall Center Mall in Vancouver, BC on Friday, June 21st from Noon to 5pm.  The address is 595 Burrard Street.

Janet’s book is a non fiction called, “The Autistic Author and Animator”. It is an engaging, enlightening, inspiring and raw true story of Jenny’s life journey with Autism, through a Mother’s eyes. It is getting quite a following and be enjoyed by both the Autistic Community and the General Public.

Jenny’s book is a Fantasy Fiction and the first of a Trilogy, it is called, “Dysnomia”. It too, is getting a big following and every book signing we have at Indigo, Chapters or Coles, her book is the best seller of the day and we are told her book sells the most out of book signings they have with local authors!! The second sequel to the first will be coming out end of this year or early of next year.

Looking for something to do on Friday, June 21st, come down and us both and check out their books and have a chat! Janet and Jenny always sign their books and hand out personalized book marks with them and they have a draw for people who buy their books, which is a $20.00 Gift Card from Indigo. Their book signings are always a joyful event and they make many contacts, hear many stories and answer questions for people who don’t know too much about Autism or just from what they hear!!

Feel free to share with others as the more the merrier.

Look forward to seeing you on June 21st!!



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