Book Signings

Wow, what a year this has been with my daughter, Jenny and my books.  It has been a wonderful and successful number of  book signings, speaking engagements and all avenues of media Interviews.

Our hope for bringing out the positive of Autism and shining a bright light is happening through my book. It is also reaching out to the general public and being an eye opener about Autism. So many have said to me, “I have a totally different outlook with autism now and your daughter is living proof that one with autism can lead a happy, rich fulfilled life and live their dreams and attain their goals.

I just had a Goodreads giveaway for my book, gave away 10 of my books. And now my daughter is having a giveaway as well and people can enter to win her novel, she is giving away 10 as well. Here is the link:        Good luck and I hope you win a book. It is a Fantasy Fiction and getting quite the following and it is the first of a Trilogy.

Here are our websites to look at our books and us.  You can get our books on our website as well:

We are having quite the snowfall here in Vancouver. We have been here for 5 years and never seen snow like this before here.  Enjoy your weekend and be safe, take care.11261924_368412166683434_6012974380803189073_nD&L





I have been selected as one of the projects for the STORYHIVE SHORT FILM FEMALE EDITION.

I would love your support and votes as I have written my book The Autistic Author and Animator and want to bring my book off the page and direct on to the screen.

It is an inspiring, heartwarming and true story of my daughter Jenny and her life journey with Autism.  Jenny is living proof that one can live a rich fulfilled life with Autism and live your dreams. She trucked through the trenches of bullying, she climbed the treacherous mountains slopes with academics and reached the peak and jumped onto the clouds as she is a professional 2D and 3D Animator and written a best selling book, Dysnomia, which is first of a Trilogy and getting quite the following.

A film like this needs to be shared to shed the box stigma with Autism and embrace these individuals as the are a huge asset and blessing to both society and the workforce.

Would love you support and votes.

You just click on the link, go to vote and vote.      It will be under the Autistic Author and Animator.

Thank you to all for the love and support for The Autistic Author and Animator, appreciated so much. Let’s keep up the voting party this week, Friday being the final day. 🙂

Shining the positive of Autism through my daughter’s journey, that it is not a Death Sentence, but a rich fulfilled Life Sentence.